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Blueberry Reusable Food Wraps

Replace the plastic wrap and baggies in your home with your Bee Joyful reusable food wraps!
Use our Bee Joyful food wraps instead of plastic cling wrap or plastic bags. Use them to store food safely and keep food fresh. Naturally antibacterial and waterproof. you'll love using these over and over again.
Use the heat from your hands to warm up the wrap before using it to create a seal around your bowls, cups, jars and food. These wraps will take on any shape you give them and help to preserve your food. Just rinse them and let them air dry. Super easy and Eco-Friendly!
At the end of their life cycle, which is about one year, you can compost them or use them as a fire starter.

Includes: 14x14 inch, 12x12 inch & 8x8 inch